14 Gifts for Classic Car Lovers

14 Gifts for Classic Car Lovers
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When somebody you know is a classic car enthusiast, it’s hard to think of the perfect gift. It could be difficult thinking of something that they don’t already have or can’t just go out and buy themselves.

That’s why we’ve put together this series of gift guides for car lovers with different interests, starting with these unique gift ideas for classic car lovers.

1. Hot Rod Sculpture

For the classic car lover who enjoys their cars at home, this is a perfect gift. It can be placed in the office or in the living space to give them something fun to look at every day. This sculpture features an old-fashioned hot rod with flames coming out of its tires and a distinctive design.

2. 1/40 Diecast Classic Car Models

A set of classic cars is a great way to give somebody a little slice of American history from days gone by. This particular model comes with ten different makes, including the Corvette and the Mustang. These models are detailed and accurate replicas that can go on any display shelf.

3. Classic Cars Visual History Book

If the classic car lover in your life has a hard time deciding which car model to focus on, then this book is perfect for them. This book goes over the different cars from the 1960s through the 1980s, showing off each model and giving people an easy way to reminisce about classics like the Mustang and the GTO.

4. Trickle Charger

This next gift idea is super practical. If your recipient has a classic car as a second vehicle, or maybe even a collection of classic cars, a trickle charger is essential to prevent the battery from losing charge so it cannot be started. The low-voltage charge of a trickle charger is designed for use on a long-term basis and will improve battery health with no risk of overcharging. It’s a great alternative to taking out the battery after each usage which can quickly become frustrating.

5. LEGO Ford Mustang

Who said Lego is for kids? With the Creator Expert series from Lego you can recreate vintage cars from the Hot Rod to the Corvette. Shown here is our favorite model, the Mustang GT, with over 1,400 pieces which would be a great gift idea for Ford Mustang lovers.

6. Dodge Charger Pillow

This classic Dodge Charger is not just a model car — it’s also a pillow! It offers the perfect blend of comfort and history for somebody who wants to curl up with their favorite car model on top of their bed or couch. The pillow has an opening in the back where they can put their face, allowing them to relax with this little piece of Americana under their head.

7. ‘I’m Not Old, I’m Classic’ Mug

For somebody you know who says that “life begins at forty”, reward them for their positive attitude about getting older by giving them this mug as a gift. It features one version of the saying on its front, and it’s available in different sizes.

8. Classic Car Parking Sign

This aluminum ‘Classic Cars Only’ sign would make an excellent addition to your recipient’s garage or parking space as a friendly way to let others know that the space is reserved.

9. Car Care Kit

Everybody needs car care products, especially somebody who has their own classic car that they’ve spent years working on. This kit includes everything the classic car lover will need to keep their vehicle running smoothly, including spray cleaner, wax soap, tire shine, and more.

10. ‘My Dad Had That Car’ Book

This book is perfect for anybody who’s father used to have one of these classic cars around the house when they were younger. It contains interviews with people who share stories about their fathers’ vehicles, like “Pops” Henson and his Ford Model T or Steve Wallace’s ’49 Ford F1 pickup truck.

11. Classic Car Jigsaw Puzzle

Anybody who likes to relax by putting together a jigsaw puzzle will get a kick out of this one. It comes with nine hundred and forty pieces, including pictures of several different classic cars from the past century, along with various trees and other outdoor scenes.

12. Car Cover

The last thing somebody who loves classic cars wants is for their prized possession to take damage due to carelessness or neglect. That’s why they should keep this cover nearby just in case it starts raining while they’re not around to use their carport. It stretches over any car model and makes sure the exterior stays safe from moisture, dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can cause damage over time.

13. Chevelle T-Shirt

Anybody who likes classic muscle cars will love this shirt that shares its name with a popular model from Chevrolet. It comes in different sizes and colors, including black, blue, gray, red, and white. The front of the shirt features the original Chevelle logo from back in the day when these were still being made.

14. Book of Classic Volkswagens

This book is a perfect gift idea for any VW enthusiast who has Volkswagen pride running through their veins! It contains information about all the classic models from across the decades, from the Beetle to the Type 2 camper vans.