22 Gifts for Tequila Lovers and Mezcal Drinkers

22 Gifts for Tequila Lovers and Mezcal Drinkers
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With the holidays quickly approaching, we know that you are probably frantically trying to find just the right gifts for your loved ones. If you have friends or family members who can’t get enough of distilled spirit from the agave plant, then this list of 22 gifts for tequila lovers and mezcal addicts will go down a treat, just like the shots.

1. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

For the true tequila fan, this gift set of 4 tequila shot glasses will be really appreciated. They are made from Himalayan salt which will give their shots the salty finish they deserve.

2. Mezcal Infusing Set

This set comes with everything needed to create delicious homemade infusions, allowing you to add fruity, spicy, or nutty flavors to any mezcal or tequila. The set includes a hand-blown glass decanter and 4 hand-blown glasses to share with friends.

3. Mezcal & Tequila Cocktails Recipe Book

This recipe book is a great gift for mezcal and tequila lovers so that they can craft the perfect cocktail, even if they’ve never made a drink before! With 60 simple-to-follow combinations, this book has recipes such as the classic Mezcal Mule and the renowned Oaxaca Old-Fashioned.

4. Gift Set in a Wooden Box

This luxury tequila shot glass gift set is wonderfully presented in a wooden box for a premium gift. Included with the 4 glasses are a garnishing knife, cutting stone, and salt tin making it a highly sought-after gift for anyone who can’t get enough tequila.

5. Customized Tequila Blanco Label

A personalized bottle of tequila is a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list and thanks to this Etsy seller who creates personalized bottle labels, you can create a custom bottle without splashing out a fortune. The label is designed for a bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila 80cl which can be found here on Amazon.

6. Tequila Scratch Off Map

This scratch-off poster is perfect for anyone who loves trying different tequilas. It features the 50 best tequilas that you need to try in your life from across the world including Latin America, North America, and Europe. Once you’ve experienced each one, scratch it off to record it and reveal the bottle underneath.

7. ‘I’ve Had Both My Shots’ Face mask

This funny face mask makes a great stocking filler or white elephant gift for tequila lovers. The ‘I’ve had both my shots’ design with two tequila shots and a lime is the perfect way to bring a much-needed smile in these mask-wearing times.

8. Funny Tequila T-Shirt

Here’s another funny tequila gift, this time in the form of a t-shirt with the quote ‘Tequila: Because no good story ever started with a salad’. Although watch out, this might provoke a reaction from salad lovers in your friend group.

9. Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

This at-home alcohol infusion kit is perfect for any cocktail lover, whether they’re making mezcal-based concoctions or otherwise. Choose from 5 different infusion flavors, including blueberry lavender, spiced orange, strawberry jalapeno, spicy pineapple, and raspberry rose. For mezcal or tequila cocktails, strawberry jalapeno pairs best.

10. Mezcal Copitas

Add an air of authenticity to your mezcal drinking experience with these handmade copita glasses. They’re designed for sipping mezcal but are also great for tequila, pisco, and scotch. The set of two handmade glasses makes an elegant gift idea for any sophisticated drinker.

11. Craft Cocktail Kit

These specialty craft cocktail kits are perfect for anyone budding mixologist who loves getting creative over the holiday season. There are several different kits available for mezcal and tequila lovers including Time Lapse (wood-aged flavors with the purity of tequila blanco), Theobroma (expect a mix of mezcal or tequila with chocolate, cold brew coffee, and orange), and El Palenque (mezcal scents with the smoke of roasted agave and the citrus). Each kit includes a cocktail shaker, 3-6 specialty ingredients, and a pourer.

12. ‘There’s a Chance This is Tequila’ Mug

This mug is super simple but it just works. For the tequila drinker who is know to take a drink at any time of the day, the ‘There’s a Chance This is Tequila’ message is just perfect. It makes a great gift for your office coworker that’s big into spirits.

13. Engraved Sipping Glasses

For the tequila or mezcal lover who already has everything, these engraved sipping glasses are perfect for sipping their favorite liquor in style. Whether they love sipping it straight or mixing it up into a cocktail, this glass offers something special because you can also add a single, double, or triple lettered monogram for no extra cost.

14. ‘Keep Calm and Pass the Mezcal’ Hoodie

This ‘Keep Calm’ mezcal hoodie is a great gift idea for mezcal and tequila lovers who enjoy a bit of casual comfort. You can choose the base color with choices from black, red, navy, blue, and grey. It’s made from a polycotton fleece blend so it’s super warm and cozy.;

15. Tequila Shot Board

A redesigned classic, this tequila shot board is the best gift for people who love hosting tequila-fuelled parties, and who doesn’t? It has a dedicated section to serve 4 shot glasses, salt, and lime. you can add your own personalized message although we like the original quote which says ‘Take everything with a grain of salt & a shot of Tequila’.

16. ‘It’s a Great Day for Tequila’ Phone Case

Who doesn’t love a unique phone case that fits their personality? This one is ideal for your tequila-loving friend because it really is a great day for tequila. Not only does it look good but it also provides protection for their phone which might be useful after a few tequila shots.

17. Shot Roulette Game

For the roulette fan in your life, this gift is perfect for an exciting twist on the classics, and of course, it involves drinking which is always a plus. The novelty party game is suitable for 2-8 players, simply fill the shot glasses with a selection of drinks (from mezcal to soda) and take it in turn to spin the wheel.

18. Mezcal History & Craft Book

This mezcal history and craft book tells the story of Mexican agave spirits which make it the perfect reference for any tequila or mezcal aficionado. The book also includes insights into distillation process, nomenclature, harvesting, and much more to give the reader an in-depth look at everything they need to know. Plus there are tips on how to get the most flavor from their favorite tequila.

19. Mezcal Decanter

For the tequila or mezcal lover with an extensive collection, this elegant decanter is a worthwhile investment. The high-quality design with diamond angles and vertical cuts looks sleek and stylish whilst holding 32oz of mezcal or tequila.

20. Bonny Boy Spirit Decanter

If the premium decanter wasn’t quite up to the personality of your recipient, how about this slightly funnier take on a decanter. Known as the Bonny Boy decanter, it’s modeled after the famous Manneken Pis fountain in Belgium and it’s sure to be a conversation starter when they show their friends and family how it works.

21. ‘Call 9-Juan-Juan’ Tequila T-Shirt

Yes, we can’t get enough of the funny tequila t-shirts and there are plenty of them. This 100% cotton ‘Tequila Emergency’ t-shirt is suitable as a gift for both men and women with several colors to choose from. pair it with a bottle of their favorite Jose Cuervo tequila and you’ll be their favorite person in the world.

22. Tequila Mockingbird Book

This tequila mockingbird book is an absolute must-have for any fan of the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. The book pairs literary knowledge with classic cocktails, with the words modified to suit a tequila lover and it provides a fun way to celebrate one of their favorite drinks.

23. ‘Peace Love Tequila’ Pillow

Last but not least, the tequila lover in your life deserves a little bit of luxury which is why this cute pillow cannot be left off the list. It’s made from 100% cotton with polyester fill and can be machine washed for easy care after some serious drinking sessions. Perfect.