31 Truckin’ Awesome Gifts for Truck Drivers

31 Truckin’ Awesome Gifts for Truck Drivers
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If you’re buying a gift for a lorry or truck driver who has it all, you’ll know how hard it can be to find something. Well never fear, we’ve scoured the internet in search of the very best gifts for truck drivers and we’ve put them all into this simple guide for you.

Our list has gifts for all types of trucker and lorry driver, from long haul to tow truckers. Whether you’re on the hunt for a practical gift that they will genuinely use or a novelty truck-themed item, you’ll be covered here.

Best Gifts for Truckers

To kick off, here’s the top five most popular gifts for truck and lorry drivers:

Flexgrip Work Gloves

Every lorry driver needs a pair of these synthetic gloves, with padded palms for comfort and reinforced fingertips for durability, these gloves have been designed for maximum warmth, comfortable wearing, and an ergonomic design. Some also have touch screen tips but check the description to be sure.

Trucker Tales Book

This book by Finn Murphy is perfect for keeping in the cab to read during down time. After 30 years on the road and over a million miles, Murply shares some of his best tales in a relatable book for any trucker. Th ebook is available as paperback, hardback, or as an audio CD to listen to whilst driving along.

An Audible Subscription

The most thoughtful gift for truckers is an audible subscription. This is an audiobook platform that will give them access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals to listen to whilst out on the road.

You can gift a membership of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. This allows unlimited listening whilst the membership is active and also 1 credit per month that they can use to keep titles forever.

Trucker Hoodie

This hoodie will keep your trucker nice and cozy during those cold days out in the truck. It can get very chilly in some parts of the country, especially with those early morning shifts, so a good collection of warm clothing is essential. It has a fun trucker design and is available in several different base colors including navy, red, and grey. You can also opt for a zip-up version if you like.

Motor Carriers Road Atlas

Having the latest edition of the Rand McNally  Motor Carriers Road Atlas is essential for anyone spending significant time on the roads. There’s a reason this is the most popular road atlas for truckers in America, it provides up-to-date information including route restrictions, low clearance and weigh stations. This book goes above and beyond what any regular GPS can do.

Funny Gifts for Truckers

We all know that most truck drivers have a big sense of humor, so it was only right that we included a selection of funny gift ideas too:

Truck Drivers Joke Book

If you’ve ever known a truck driver that doesn’t tell bad jokes then we’d love to hear from you. For the rest of us, why not help out your truck-driving friends and family with this handy joke book. This book will provide hours of amusement for those dreary moments waiting to be unloaded and will stop them driving everyone else around the bend, excuse the pun.

“I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie” Mug

I like big trucks and I cannot lie, your other brothers can’t deny. We’ve all heard the Sir Mixalot classic, but the famous lyrics have been given a truck-related remix and applied to this coffee mug. This cheap gift is an ideal White Elephant (aka Yankee Swap or Secret Santa) gift at christmas.

“Sleep With a Truck Driver” Tumbler

This vacuum insulated tumbler mug is ideal for both hot or cool drinks in your truck. Available in 3 sizes from 12oz to 30oz and several color choices. The fun tongue-in-cheek message on the tumbler makes it an ideal gift for your trucker boyfriend or girlfriend.

Practical Gifts for Truckers

If you like to buy useful gifts, this next selection of gift ideas are super practical for truck drivers so you can be sure your money is being put to good use. These won’t sit around collecting dust.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

The best practical gift for a truck driver is a memory foam seat cushion. Truck drivers spend a lot of time sat in their cab which isn’t always great for their back, butt, legs, and hips. This ergonomic seat pad will help, it’s made from memory foam which can allieviate pressure in this area. The foam adapts to the shape of your body for a custom fit.

Timberland Pro Work Boots

For work boots that are comfortable and look good, there’s a reason why every trucker recommends Timberland. These premium waterproof work boots are perfect for all types of truck driver, from HGV to tow truck and everything in between. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, practical gift then this is the one, just make sure you get their size right or send a receipt in case.

Fitbit Sense

Similar to the seat cushion above, this gift is aimed at helping truck drivers improve their overall health. Spending all day sat in the cab can take it’s strain on your body so it’s important to monitor your health and ensure you’re being physical enough when not working.

The Fitbit Sense is the best smartwatch for monitoring your health. As well as tracking your daily fitness goals such as step count and calorie burn rate, it can also check your heart rate, give you updates on your stress levels and monitor your sleep to give a daily sleep score. All of these things can help you stay fit and healthy whilst out on the road.

Portable 12V Mini Fridge

This portable 15L mini fridge is the ultimate cab companion. Hook it up to the trucks cigarette socket with the included 12V power lead and have immediate access to cool food and drink. Ideal for milk, butter, soda, sandwiches and any other essentials for long trips. A 15L fridge is the ideal capacity for truck drivers with overnight routes.

Vantrue T3 Dashcam

The next practical gift for truck drivers is a dashcam. If your trucker doesn’t have one provided by their employer, or is self-employer, this is an essential piece of kit as it helps protect them in the event of an accident where they are not at fault.

Dashcams are compact and don’t cost a fortune either, but the evidence they provide can be extremely important so it’s a worthwhile buy. Vantrue is a great brand for truckers, their Vantrue T3 is a popular option as it has superior radar-based motion detection to protect the truck whilst it’s parked as well as on the highways.

Thermos Flask for Truckers

Hot drinks are part of the job. This next gift idea for truckers is a thermos flash for keeping tea, coffee, or any hot drink imaginable nice and warm.

This isn’t just any old thermos flask, at 28oz it’s twice the size of your usual flask which means twice as much coffee, perfect. It keeps drinks warm for 12 hours, or you can use it for cold drinks and it will keep them cool for 24 hours.

Echo Auto

If you’ve experienced the magic of having Alexa in your home via an Echo smart speaker, imagine how great this device will be in a truck. This will allow your trucker to access Alexa for music, audiobooks, for asking questions, playing games, and more.

This pairs perfectly with the Audible subscription mentioned earlier as you can play audiobooks using your voice.

Personalized Gifts for Truckers

If you want to add a special touch, these next few gifts allow you to add personalization so your trucker will know just how much thought you’ve put into their gift.

Personalized Truck Wall Art

A captivating bespoke piece of wall art featuring a semi-trailer truck with personalized name. This is a high quality digital file download so you’ll need to arrange printing and framing if this is required. various sizes available according to your requirements, for best results, print on white card rather than paper.

Personalized Trucker Wall Sign

This personalized gift is the real deal, it’s made from powder-coated 18 gauge steel that’s been laser cut to achieve a great looking sign for inside or outside your home. To finish it off, you can add the name of your choice so that’s very personal. Expect a smooth finish and a highly durable product, although the downside is that there are no fixings with it.

Custom Yellow Cartoon Caricature

This talented Etsy seller will create a custom illustration of a lorry driver that makes an excellent gift. The yellow cartoon character style definitely reminds us of something but to prevent any copyright infringement we can’t say what that is. The artwork is delivered as a digital file which you will need to arrange printing yourself, we recommend Snapfish [UK] or Vistaprint [US]. Couple and group illustrations also available.

Gifts for Long Haul Truckers

If you’re buying for someone who is out in their truck for long periods at a time, these gift ideas will help make their time away that little bit more comfortable and they’ll be very grateful to you:

12V TV with DVD Player

The world has rapidly evolved and now the thought of having a flat-screen TV mounted in a cab isn’t bizarre at all. This 12v TV will connect up to any lorry battery for the ideal long-haul setup. It has over-the-air channels, HDMI and USB inputs, and a DVD player so there will always be something to watch even in remote areas.


Many truckers take up reading for a hobby as it’s the perfect way to keep yourself occupied during those long unanticipated waits, and trust me there are lots of them! Instead of buying them books which can clutter up the cabin, why not opt for a kindle and give them access to millions of titles from one device.

The paperwhite screen makes it just like reading from a book, only slimmer. You can pay $10 extra for it to arrive without ads on the home screen but personally, these don’t bother me.

Quick Dry Towels

Whilst many truck stops will provide towels for use after showering, many truckers will prefer to have their own towels to hand as they are usually very worn and old. If you’re going to buy towels for a trucker as a gift, be sure to opt for microfiber towels, these are also known as quick-dry towels as the material is fast drying.

Ear Plugs

You can’t always predict where you’ll end up spending the night as a trucker, it could be a nice quiet lorry park, or it could be at the side of a noisy road. Having some ear plug close by is essential for these situations.

Warm Blanket

This might seem like a very basic idea, but a blanket is a very useful gift for long haul truckers. It can get chilly in the cab at night and whilst you can leave the engine running for a bit to get things a little more toasty, nothing beats a good old fashioned blanket to keep warm.

Gifts for Female Truck Drivers

Most of the ideas we’ve shared so far have been fairly unisex, however, these next few recommendations are gift ideas for female truckers:

‘Mother Trucker’ T-Shirt

This funny pun t-shirt is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any female truck driver. Featuring a simple and ‘Mother Trucker’, this 100% cotton t-shirt is available in a variety of fits including classic, V-neck, slouchy, and curvy.

Blow Dryer

One thing that truck stops don’t always provide is a decent blow dryer for use after showering. If this is an essential item for your trucker girl, then invest in a decent 12V blow dryer and she’ll be over the moon.

Truck Driver Girl Pillow

Your cabin needs some home comforts including some comfortable pillows. So, why not get them this truck driver girl pillow so they can share their passion. The pillow is plump and available in five different sizes.

Lady Trucker Decal

Tell the world that this rig belongs to a female with this lady trucker decal. It’s made from high-quality vinyl that can be easily applied to the outside of the truck and will last for up to 7 years. You might want to remind them to ask permission if they don’t own the truck.

Ponytail Trucker Cap

Everyone knows that truckers love their hats, they aren’t just a fashion accessory. A hat helps protect against the sun and the glare that might impact their ability to see the road (not least because of the messy hair). This hat has been designed especially for women with a ponytail slot that’s perfect for pulling your scruffy hair or high ponytail through so now female truckers can enjoy the privilege too.

Gifts for Trucker Daddys

If you’re looking for a unique birthday or father’s day gift for a trucker daddy, we’ve pulled together some very special selections that will mean alot to him.

Stainless Steel Cross Necklace

This stainless steel necklace allows your trucker to proudly wear their faith and comes in a beautiful presentation box making it an ideal father’s day gift for trucker daddies. The chain is adjustable with a lobster clasp closure so it’s easy to put on and take off by yourself.

Keepsake Keyring

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a dad who drives trucks, this is our top pick. The keyring is hand stamped with ‘Drive Safe Daddy’ as the perfect keepsake. There’s also a second bar that can be personalized with kids names or left to say ‘We Need You’.

Personalized Travel Coffee Mug

Our final gift idea for truckers is this personalized travel mug designed for a trucker dad. Choose from a 20oz stainless steel or 24oz plastic tumbler, both of which will fit in your cab’s cup holders with no trouble. As well as the main ‘Best Truckin’ Dad Ever’ caption, you can personalizer the bottom of the tumbler with kids names or your trucker dad’s name depending upon which you prefer.