14 Space Gifts for Kids Obsessed with Space

14 Space Gifts for Kids Obsessed with Space
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It’s never too early to introduce kids to space! If you’re looking for some great gifts for children who love anything related to the stars and space, here are our top 14 picks. They cover every age range and price point so there should be something on this list that your child will love as a Christmas or Birthday gift. If you’re buying for an adult (or a big kid), see our dedicated guide to space gifts for adults.

1. Personalized Book About Space

This personalized book featuring your child’s name on the front cover and throughout is a fantastic way to teach them about space and the night sky while giving them a beautiful keepsake at the same time. It’s told in a story-like way but is full of facts about the planets, solar system, stars, and more.

2. Color Your Own Pillowcase

This pillowcase is sure to be a hit with children who like to color and draw-it makes it easy for them, since all they need to do is fill the pre-drawn outlines. The cotton pillowcase features stars, planets, spacecraft, and the moon landing, all ready to be colored in with the included color markers. Once they’ve had their fun, you can wash it ready for the next time.

3. Spaceman 3D Nightlight

This nightlight is perfect for children who are obsessed with space and the stars. The light gives off a relaxing, comforting glow that your child will love, especially since it looks just like one of the famous spacemen from all those sci-fi films they love so much! It comes with a remote that allows you to choose from 16 different colors.

4. Motorized Solar System for Kids

This motorized solar system is a fantastic addition to the room of any child who loves space. Load it up with 4 AA batteries (not included) and watch the planets rotate around the sun. For extra effect, use it at night and the sun lights up with LEDs so that you can teach them how daylight works.

5. Telescope for Kids

If your child is really into the night sky, they will love having a telescope at home to help them see further. This one comes with an eyepiece that allows 20x magnification so that your child can see the craters on the moon or even Jupiter’s moons. It has a tripod stand and a dual-axis motor so that it is easy to aim at whatever they’re looking for, and once they’ve found it, re-align with just a touch of a button.  

6. Rocket Ship Tent

Our next gift idea is a rocket ship tent – perfect for kids who want to blast off and explore the galaxy. It features a rocket ship design on the outside and can fit several children so they can enjoy a space adventure together. This is ideal for birthdays or Christmas since it’s suitable for both indoors and out so it can be used year-round.

7. NASA Space Matching Game

This fun matching game teaches children about the stars through gameplay, making it educational as well as entertaining. Players must match all of the cards containing either images or facts about space to win, helping them develop their memory skills at the same time.

8. Spaceship Blanket

This cozy spaceship blanket is perfect for keeping any young space explorer cozy after their adventures on the surface of Mars or in deep space. It’s large enough for children up to 6 years, and has a cozy fleece back that feels great against the skin. Pair this planet with the rocket ship tent for the perfect space-themed gift for kids.

9. NASA Kids Costume

Our next gift idea is a NASA costume, perfect for the young space lover in your life who wants to be just like their favorite astronaut! It’s made of high-quality materials and has a great authentic look, featuring all of the essential elements that make up an astronaut suit including a full body suit and helmet with removable visor.

10. LEGO Set

This ‘Women of NASA’ LEGO set is the perfect gift for any space-loving young girl to help inspire her. The 231-piece set features some of the most prominent women in space travel; Nancy Grace Roman (instrumental in making the Hubble Space Telescope), Margaret Hamilton (designed the navigation system for the Apollo spacecraft), Sally Ride (first American woman in space), and Mae Jemison (first African-American woman in space).

11. Astronaut Backpack

This astronaut backpack is perfect for any child who loves space and wants to show off their interests in style. It looks just like a NASA backpack with various compartments for storing all their astronaut gear (or maybe just their packed lunch).

12. Moon Lamp

Our next gift idea is a 3D-printed moon lamp, perfect for bedtime or even for using as a nightlight to help them feel safe while they drift off to sleep. It’s battery-powered so it can be used anywhere, simply charge it up with the included USB charger and you’ll have 6-12 hours of light.

13. Smithsonian Museum Space Craft Kit

The next gift idea is a spacecraft kit from the Smithsonian Museum which will allow your recipient to mold their own Spaceships. The kit includes 3D casting and coloring, plus it comes with an activity book full of space facts and information so that they can learn all about their newly made models.

14. Stomp Rocket

This ‘Stomp Rocket’ is perfect for taking your child’s imagination on an adventure across space. You can control where they go by stomping on the launch pad to send the foam rockets up to 100 feet into the air.