14 Best NASA Gift Ideas [For Adults and Kids]

14 Best NASA Gift Ideas [For Adults and Kids]
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Some people are so passionate about NASA and space exploration that they want to wear their love on their sleeve, literally. Others may want something a little more subtle or fun. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered with 13 different gift ideas for the space lover in your life: from planet-shaped lollipops to vintage hoodies and everything in between!

1. Planet Shaped Lollipops

Do you know someone who loves space so much they could eat it? These planet-shaped lollipops are the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth for NASA! Each planet gets its own flavor including caramel cream, orange cream tangerine, cotton candy, and bubble gum to name a few.

2. NASA Hoodie

A classic gift for any NASA lover is a hoodie with the logo front and center. This piece of official merchandise is available in black, light grey, and dark grey.

3. The NASA Archives: 60 Years in Space

This hardback book is a must for anyone interested in NASA. It includes more than 400 high-quality photos that document the agency’s history. From the historic moon landing to the launch of the International Space Station and sending observers to the furthest reaches of our solar system.

4. Space Playing Cards

The perfect gift for a card shark who’s also a space geek – every deck of these cards features 52 images from NASA, including the shuttle and astronaut training facilities, as well as areas like Kennedy Space Center and Houston Mission Control.

5. Rockets of Human Spaceflight Mug

Can you fit the history of human spaceflight onto a mug? Probably not, but this next gift idea certainly gives it a go. The mug features illustrations of all the historic human-manned spacecraft from NASA and other space agencies across the world. Now their morning cup of coffee can be educational too.

6. Pillow

Are you really a NASA fan if you haven’t got a NASA pillow in your home? Absolutely not. That’s why we’ve included this soft pillow and cover in the list. it’s available in 5 different sizes so there’s something for everyone, whether your recipient will use it on their sofa or bed.

7. NASA Fleece Throw

A perfect Christmas gift, this 4x5ft polyester fleece throw will keep your recipient nice and toasty whilst sporting the NASA logo to fit with their space-themed decor. This blanket is great for space gift for kids or adults who can’t get enough of space.

8. LEGO Apollo 11

With this LEGO set, your recipient can build their own replica of Apollo 11, NASA’s first moon lander that allowed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to take their first steps on the moon. Part of the LEGO Creator Expert series, this kit is for serious builders only as it contains over 1,000 pieces.

9. NASA T-Shirt

This lightweight cotton NASA t-shirt is perfect for your favorite space geek who wants to show their support of the agency with a simple but stylish design. There are various styles and colors available to suit all tastes.

10. Men’s NASA Lounge Pants

How about something for lounging at home? These men’s NASA lounge pants are perfect for wearing after a day of exploring the wonders of our solar system. They feature NASA branding on the right leg and a full-length fly with an elasticated waistband.

11. Vintage NASA Hoodie

We’ve already shared the official NASA hoodie above, but if your recipient prefers more of a retro style, this one might be more up their street. It features the classic logo alongside an illustration of a NASA spacecraft. With this one, you can choose from a broader range of base colors including red, navy, grey, and blue, but we like the black one the best.

12. Stargazing: Photographs of the Night Sky from the Archives of NASA

This picture book is a great way to learn more about our night sky and all the amazing objects you can see with a telescope or even your own eyes. It features over 100 photographs from Hubble, Apollo missions, and from telescopes at some of NASA’s observatories.

13. Space Travel Wall Prints

A wall print is a lovely gift for anyone whose bedroom is filled with all things space. Choose from a range of designs with Mars, Saturn, and more as the subject matter, each one with a vintage design that any science geek will love.

14. Zero Gravity Flight

We’ve left the best gift idea (and also the most expensive) for last. With this 45-minute zero-gravity experience, your recipient will board a Rockwell Commander 700 aircraft and take to the skies where a certified pilot will perform aerobatic maneuvers to create a feeling of weightlessness just like NASA astronauts will experience in space. The downside is that this experience is only available in Florida so it might only appeal to people who live nearby.