14 Hum-Mazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas

14 Hum-Mazing Hummingbird Gift Ideas
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Hummingbird gifts are a beautiful present to give for any occasion. As well as drawing on the vibrant colors of these beautiful creatures, a hummingbird gift also has a symbolic element, they can be given as a token of love, friendship or just as a general expression of happiness and contentment.

In this guide, we’ve compiled all of the best hummingbird-themed gifts that are perfect for someone who adores these cute and colorful birds.

Best Hummingbird Gifts

Hummingbird Feeder

The best gift for a hummingbird lover is a hummingbird feeder to help attract these unique animals to their backyard. Hummingbirds prefer to feed off nectar than traditional bird food so you’ll need a dedicated hummingbird feeder like the one shown here. The vintage feeder has a glass bottle that can be filled with homemade nectar (easily made using sugar and water – see recipe). There are five feeding perches around the base of the container for the hummingbirds to feed from.

Hummingbird Yard Ornaments

If your recipient is struggling to attract hummingbirds to the garden, these yard ornaments are the next best thing. The metal ornaments come in several styles and colors so you can mix and match as you wish. They perfectly catch the sunlight to reflect the grinder marks making them an excellent gift for bird lovers.

Bird Watching Binoculars

If your giftee loves to spend their time looking for these colorful creatures in their backyard, then a decent pair of binoculars is essential. The leading non-profit dedicated to the conservation of birds, Audubon, recommends these Nikon Prostaff 3S binoculars as a great entry-level pick. Compared to others at this price point, the Nikon Prostaff 3S offered better clarity, improved brightness, and superior color rendition.

We have more ideas for the amateur birder in our ultimate guide to gifts for backyard bird watchers.

The Hummingbird Handbook

Did you know that hummingbirds cannot walk or hop on their feet like other bird species as their feet have evolved to be lightweight for efficient flying? This is just one of many interesting facts about hummingbirds that can be found in the Hummingbird Handbook. As well as facts about the birds, the book also contains helpful advice for attracting more hummingbirds to your garden and an identification guide with beautiful photos of the different species that exist.

18kt Gold Filled Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for someone who holds a special place in their hearts for hummingbirds. the chain is 14kt gold filled and the pendant is 18kt gold filled. This means that a layer of solid gold has been bonded on top of another material such as brass and gives the same appearance as solid gold jewelry, only much cheaper (source). There is also an option where the hummingbird pendant has a layer of cubic zirconia (this is an affordable alternative to diamond). It comes beautifully presented in a gift box that expresses how a hummingbird gift brings love, good luck, and joy.

Hummingbird Glass Ornament

It might be illegal to keep hummingbirds as pets, but you can still help your recipient add a touch of character to their home with one of these beautiful glass hummingbird ornaments. The ornament has been handcrafted with Murano glass (also known as Venetian glass) which uses traditional thousand-year-old glass blowing techniques. This figurine perfectly captures the vibrant colors of the hummingbird which makes it a wonderful gift to brighten up someones home.

Hummingbirds On a Wire Print

This hummingbird wall print is a great gift idea for any friend, family member, or co-worker who loves the artistic beauty of these birds. The print is from an original painting by artist Dean Crouser and comes on high-quality textured watercolor paper in a choice of different sizes. Hurry though, this is a limited edition print run and there is only a handful left.

Illuminated Hummingbird Feeder

We already included a hummingbird nectar feeder earlier on which had a large glass jar that would last a long time. However, if you’re looking for a gift with more character this next feeder might be a better alternative. It has a vibrant floral design and transforms into a lantern to light up at night. The bulb is powered by a solar charger on top so you’re recipient won’t need to worry about changing any batteries.

Hummingbird Earrings

For the hummingbird enthusiast, these earrings are a great gift idea that will both look good and remind them of their favorite animal. The earrings are made from sterling silver with a gold plating over the top. They have a minimal design which makes them suitable for both everyday and glamorous occasions. To add that special touch, they are handmade in a Kansas studio and come in a small gift-wrapped box ready to give to your recipient.

Personalized Hummingbird Chopping Board

A personalized chopping board with a hummingbird design is the perfect gift for any bird lover. The board has an engraved hummingbird design with delicate details that are sure to please anyone who receives it. Each board is custom made so you can choose which wood to use (walnut, cherry, maple, or bamboo) and add a name to make it a personalized gift. This is a great gift for couples or your parents for their anniversary if they both love hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Mug Gift Set

The delicate nature of both the birds and flowers on this hand-painted porcelain mug set make it truly special. Each mug is 14oz and features a design by artist Carolyn Shores Wright. The set of 4 mugs come in a matching gift box that make it perfect for giving as a gift.

Hummingbird 1000-Piece Jigsaw

If you’re looking for a gift that will provide hours of enjoyment, this Hummingbird jigsaw is just what you need. The 1000-piece puzzle features a beautiful scene of hummingbirds and butterflies in a flower garden. Once complete, this colorful puzzle measures 27″ x 20″.

Hummingbird Cushion Cover

This beautiful cushion cover is made of 100% cotton and features one hummer hovering over a flower with its wings spread out to show off its elegant patterns. The gift will be well received by anyone with a passion for the beautiful birds. There are 7 different hummingbird designs to choose from. However, remember that this is the cover only, you’ll also need to source an 18″x18″ cushion insert to complete the gift.

LEGO Bird Model Kit

This Lego set featuring a hummingbird, robin, and a blue jay is a creative gift idea that makes a fun bird gift for dad. The set contains over 580 pieces of lego to create the three birds and three stands so that their hard work can be put on display afterward rather than thrown back in the box. To make it even more appealing to bird lovers, there’s a booklet in the box that contains tons of information about each of the birds.