29 Gifts for Bird Lovers as a Toucan of Your Appreciation

29 Gifts for Bird Lovers as a Toucan of Your Appreciation
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Do you have a special someone who is a little obsessed with birds? Well, as it turns out, there are tons of gifts perfect for bird lovers! From bird-themed wall prints to practical books that will help your recipient spot more birds in their local area, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Personalized Bird Box

If you’re looking for that perfect personalized gift, take a look at this beautiful bird box from a seller on Etsy. The engraved wooden birdhouse can be customized with your name and those of loved ones to make it the most heartfelt present ever! Attach to a tree or hang somewhere in the backyard so they’ll always have something to remind them how much they mean to you as they scout for birds in the backyard.

Comics About Birds

The world is a big, scary place for birds. This book takes readers on a journey through the world as seen by Chicken, an “ordinary cockatiel” and his friends. The story is relatable to bird owners and was developed by someone who understands birds and their habits. This hardcover 86-page book costs less than $20 so it makes a great affordable gift idea for bird lovers.

Choose-Your-Scent Owl Candle

If your recipient is a real hoot, you might want to get them an owl gift such as these quirky owl-shaped candles. Made from soy wax these 2.5″ tall candles are available in 10 different colors and 10 different scents with favorites including vanilla, blueberry, and pumpkin. You can mix and match the colors and scents, and you get a discount if you buy a set.

Birds on a Wire Umbrella

This clear dome umbrella with a birds on a wire design is sure to come in handy when your recipient steps out into the rain. The clear design gives you better visibility as you stroll down the wet streets, whilst the fun bird design will turn a few heads among passers by. The 51″ dome canopy provides adequate cover from the rain and ensures it won’t blow inside out when the wind picks up.

Bird Watching Binoculars

For someone that loves to see our feathered friends in the flesh, binoculars are the perfect gift for backyard bird watching. These Nikon Prostaff 3S binoculars come highly recommended by Audubon who are a leading non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds in the US. The binoculars offer great value for money with superior clarity, brightness, and color rendition than others in the sub-$100 category.

Monocular with Smartphone Holder

If you’re not ready to splash out on a proper bird-watching camera as a gift, this monocular is the perfect alternative. It has a dedicated smartphone holder for getting some decent photos of any wildlife that might visit your garden. The photos might not be award-winning just yet, but it’s a lovely gift to help an amateur birder get started with bird photography.

Bird Bingo

Bird Bingo is exactly what you think it is. A fun game of Bingo that uses different bird species rather than numbers. Each player has a bingo card to mark off the birds as they are drawn at random, but who will complete their cards first? Included are 64 different bird tokens along with a leaflet that provides interesting and insightful facts about each of the birds in the game. This is a great group activity suitable for up to 6 players at a time.

Subscription to BirdWatching Magazine

BirdWatching magazine is the leading regular publication for birders in North America. Whether you’re buying for an expert in the field or someone who simply loves birds, the magazine caters to all experience levels and interests. Each edition contains spotlights on spotting birds for each season, DIY projects such as bird boxes, bird watching tips, and information about endangered species. The publication is bi-monthly and can be gifted as a print or kindle edition.

Wooden Wall Art

This piece of wall art is based on an original piece of work by Dave Bartholet featuring a stunning and elegant-looking swan. It has been recreated on 4 solid wood panels for a rustic effect that will compliment any home interior. However, it doesn’t have to stay inside, it’s made with all-weather UV-protected ink which means it is suitable for outdoor use too.

Personalized Pet Bird Print

The best gift for parrot owners is this personalized pet bird print. Using a photo of their parrot that you provide at checkout, the designer will create a hilarious portrait like the one shown here for your approval. The design will then be printed onto 175gsm fine art paper (in a choice of sizes) ready to gift that special someone in your life who loves their pet parrot more than anything. Whilst the image shows a parrot, this would work for any type of pet bird including finch and dove. We recommend pairing this print with a suitably sized frame so it can take pride of place on your giftees wall.

National Geographic: Field Guide to the Birds of North America

The best-selling field guide to the birds of North America from National Geographic is back again with a brand-new up-to-date edition. The book now contains more than 1,000 different species of bird found across the continent along with expert illustrations of each, interesting facts, and hundreds of maps to help understand their habitats.

Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification 

If the National Geographic field guide is a bit too serious for your recipient, this Effin’ Birds alternative field guide might be a better pick. Don’t expect any useful information here, instead, expect a funny take on birding with rude expressions and insults throughout. The book is based on the popular Effin’ Birds twitter feed which went viral for its tongue-in-cheek illustrations.

Spoontiques Diner Birdhouse

Following on from the Effin’ Birds field guide, Spoontiques birdhouses are another funny gift idea for bird lovers. There are hundreds of themes to choose from including a golf bag, church, or firebox. We particularly love this American diner birdhouse and think it will look great in the backyard.

Owl Succulent Planter

If you’re in search of a white elephant gift or something to use as a stocking stuffer, this cute owl succulent planter might be what you’re looking for. The adorable felt planters are all handmade to order so you can customize the base color with more than 28 different options to choose from. It doesn’t come with the plant, however, we’d recommend pairing it with a succulent from your local store for the perfect combination.

Flamingo Wine Bottle Holder

Birds come in all shapes and sizes so let’s not forget the larger ones. This funny wine bottle holder is a perfect gift idea for flamingo lovers! The novelty holder will bring some character to any home whilst also providing a handy spot to store their booze with style.

Wingspan Board Game

WIngspan is a board game that was made especially for bird lovers. The aim of the game is to attract the best birds to your aviary by gaining food, laying eggs, and drawing from the deck of over 170 different species of birds. If you have someone in the family who loves birds, this gift idea is the perfect way to share their hobby with the whole family in a fun (and very competitive) way. The game is suitable for up to 5 players.

Lovebirds Necklace

This Lovebirds necklace would be a great bird gift for your wife or partner who is obsessed with birds. The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver and features two lovebirds are a symbol of love, long-term commitment, and loyalty. What more could a woman want?

Men’s Landstrom’s Eagle Watch

Now here’s a bird gift for men that are obsessed with birds of prey. This sleek looking Landstrom’s watch for men has a blue dial face and a 10K Gold Eagle etched into the design. It has a two-tone stainless steel band that is easily adjusted to fit most men. The watch comes in a premium presentation box so that it’s ready to wrap up and give to your loved one.

Birds on a Wire Wall Print

This modern take on the iconic watercolor painting “A Perch of Birds” by Hector Giacomelli brings together 19 finches in vibrant colors that would make a great gift for any bird lover. The print is available with or without framing in five different sizes to suit your needs and home décor style, so you can easily find one perfect for your recipient.

‘Peckers’ Funny Dish Towel

Tell your dad that you’ve bought him a dish towel with peckers on and he might look a little surprised. But all will make sense when he sees this funny tongue-in-cheek design. The peckers dish towel is a perfect bird gift for dad, featuring 19 woodpeckers from across the world each with cheeky names that play along with the peckers theme.

LEGO Bird Model Kit

This Lego set featuring a hummingbird, robin, and a blue jay is a fun gift idea that will provide a great creative outlet for any bird lover. The set contains 580 pieces and all the instructions required to create three stunning. There are stands included to put their handy work on display once complete. Plus, the included booklet will provide lots of surprising stats about the birds in question to keep them educated along the way.

Faux Leather Chala Bag

If you’re buying a gift for a woman obsessed with owls, this bag from Chala is perfect for many reasons. The obvious reason is the super cute owl that adorns the side of the bag. However, Chala are known for being huge animal welfare advocates too. So, all of their products are vegan and they donate 5% of their profits to Heart and Home Animal Rescue Foundation. The bag itself is very functional with several pockets and a secure zipper-protected main compartment.

Stay Coo Mug

You can’t beat a mug with a 5-star pun across the side and this pigeon mug sure does deliver. If you’re buying a gift for someone who has a good sense of humor (we’re talking dad jokes here), this 11oz coffee mug will definitely raise a smile or two.

Hummingbird Feeder

Unlike most backyard birds that can be attracted using birdseed in a traditional feeder like the one shared earlier on, hummingbirds prefer to feed on nectar so they require a dedicated feeder like the one shown here. It’s easy to make homemade nectar using a simple recipe like this one here. It can then be poured into the jar of the feeder and hummingbirds can feed on it via the five feeding perches around the base.

Hummingbird Cushion Cover

Here’s another hummingbird gift idea, this time one for inside your recipient’s home. The 100% cotton cushion cover features an artistic design of a hummer hovering over a flower showing off its elegant patterns. This is just 1 of 7 different hummingbird designs you can choose from. Keep in mind that this gift is the cover only, you’ll also need to source an 18″x18″ cushion insert to complete the gift.

Swan Coaster Set

Perhaps the most elegant of birds is the swan. This set of coasters celebrates these graceful birds and makes the perfect gift for someone who loves swans. The wooden set includes four feather-shaped coasters and a swan-derful carved coaster holder shaped like a swan.

Bird Trivia Book

Do you ever wonder why woodpeckers don’t get concussions? This is just one of many questions that has gone through the mind of an avid birder. That’s why this 80-page bird trivia book makes such a great gift. It contains lots of funny, strange, and interesting facts about birds that will keep your recipient amused for many hours. If you’re going to give this as a gift, make sure you’re prepared to hear lots of bird-related facts because these need to be shared.

Dabbing Parrot T-Shirt

If your recipient loves to wear funny t-shirts, this dabbing parrot will be right up their street. The fun cartoon design sits on a background color of your choice, although we think this black background works best. The t-shirt can be ordered in several different fits that are great for both men and women.

Porch Swing Bird Feeder

We’ve included several bird feeders by this point, however, we could resist throwing in this fun porch swing-style bird feeder as our final gift idea for bird lovers. The feeder is made from Louisiana Cypress Wood and can easily be hung from any tree in the backyard with the included chains. Now your recipient can hang out on their porch swing and watch the birds as they gather on theirs.