21 Parro-fect Gift Ideas for Parrot Lovers and Owners

21 Parro-fect Gift Ideas for Parrot Lovers and Owners
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If you have a friend or family member that owns a parrot, they are sure to love these unique and quirky gift ideas.

Most people might not realize but there are over 400 species of parrot from familiar ones such as Macaw, Rosella and Parakeet to those that you might not have realized are parrots like Lovebirds and Cockatoos.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some epic gift ideas for parrot owners and lovers, from parrot-themed homeware to toys for their feathered friends, there is something for everyone on this list!

Best Gifts for Parrot Lovers and Owners

Parrot Hanging Planter

This parrot planter is a fantastic way to add a touch of color to any backyard. The vibrant planter is made from recyclable plastic that’s UV protected so it shouldn’t fade over time. not only does it look the part, it’s practical too with room for 1 gallon of soil and pre-drilled holes for draining.

Parrot Parenting: Essential Care and Training

This is the ultimate guide for all parrot owners containing helpful advice on feeding, caring, and training for their pets. From parakeets (a.k.a budgies) to cockatiels, this book is suitable for owners of any parrot species with dedicated information on what to expect from each. the book is hardback which makes it great for giving as a gift.

Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000-piece jigsaw is great for any parrot lover who’s up for a real challenge. It features two brightly colored parrots set against a green background that will leave your recipient puzzled for hours. Although, there are location hints on the back of each piece if things get too tough.

Spiral Rope Perch

Perhaps your looking to buy a gift for the parrot in which case this recommendation will be an un-beak-able choice. The spiral rope perch is a fun toy for parrots to master their skills of balance and coordination. It’s available in three sizes depending upon the species you’re buying for, the smaller size is great for parakeets whereas the larger one would be more suited towards a Macaw or African Grey.

Conure Parrot Necklace

This stunning necklace featuring a Conure parrot is a great keepsake for a parrot-obsessed loved one. you can opt for a silver or gold finish with both being very reasonably priced. There’s also the option for engraving on the back if you want to personalize the gift and make it extra special.

Parrot Species Coffee Mug

There’s no doubt that this will quickly become a parrot lovers favorite mug. Featuring all the popular species such as Macaw, Cockatiel, African Grey, Parakeet, Cockatoo and Lovebird, the ceramic mug is available in 11oz or 15oz sizes.

Portable Pet Bird Carrier

If you thought it was impossible to take a parrot for walkies, then think again. This pet carrier is suitable for smaller parrot species for taking them to the vet or if you just want to give them some fresh air. It’s a lightweight mesh design that can easily be folded down when not in use. It comes with a shoulder strap and has a wooden perch across the center.

Cute Parrot Socks

These women’s parrot socks are a great stocking stuffer for even the most stylish of people. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a pair of comfy new socks to wear throughout the cold months. The colorful Macaw parrot print can spice up an otherwise boring colored outfit by adding bold color choices, just like our tropical friends themselves.

Parrot Tricks

This book is a useful resource to help teach an old bird new tricks. The book begins with simple techniques to start training a parrot to respond to your commands with things like a handshake or a high five. It then gradually progresses to more advanced tricks such as pushing a grocery cart, raising a flag, and stacking cups.

Parrot Training Toys

These training toys are the perfect accompaniment to the Parrot Tricks book shared above so we’d recommend giving them as a gift set. Set your friend or loved one a challenge to teach their parrot some neat tricks and next time you visit, maybe they’ll impress you with their own Tony Squawk on a mini skateboard.

Vintage Parrot Print

This vintage parrot wall print is a perfect gift for someone you love. This time-tested design will provide them with an opportunity to show off their personality and love for our feathered friends in the most stylish way possible! With the choice of 20 different background colors, this canvas is sure to cause any room it’s displayed in to be absolutely spectacular. The print comes on 175gsm fine art paper with 4 sizes to choose from. We’d recommend pairing it with a suitable sized frame to make the perfect gift.

Bird Cage Toy Set

Hanging around in a cage all day can get quite boring for a bird, but with these toys to play with they will have plenty of fun pecking and chewing away at them. The toys have been designed with dedicated areas for your pet to sit whilst they chew away at the wooden toys. It’s great to encourage exercise and keep your bird fit and healthy.

Parrot Sculpture for Backyard

If you’re buying a gift for a parrot lover that doesn’t own a parrot, this backyard sculpture is a great choice. Now they can have their very own parrot that doesn’t require feeding. The 10″ tall resign parrot sits in a ring that can be hung from trees or any other patio furniture. The handpainted design looks realistic from a distance and might give the neighbors a surprise!

Parrot Tote

This dazzling parrot tote bag is a great gift for any bird lover to show off their sense of style. It’s made from high-quality, durable canvas and comes in several base color options. With this eye-catching accessory by their side as they make errands, it’ll be clear that they’re a parrot lover not afraid of making a bold statement!

Funny Parrot Warning Sign

This spoof warning sign will make a great addition to any parrot owner’s home. The full-color metal sign will let all visitors know that there is a highly trained guard on duty. There are three different finishes to choose from including new style, wood, and aged metal. Trespassers have been warned!

Bird Ladder

This bird ladder is the perfect gift for a pet bird such as a parrot. This bright colorful ladder is available in three lengths so you can find one suitable for most cages. As well as being fun to watch, the ladder is practical as it encourages birds to practice their balance and coordination as they make their way from one side to the other. However, keep in mind that the ladder isn’t meant for larger species such as African Grey as they might break the natural wood design with their large beak.

5 O’Clock Somewhere Wall Clock

Whilst we can’t leave the time set at 5 o’clock permanently, this parrot-themed wall clock is the next best thing to remind you that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. The perfect motivation you need to grab a post-work drink, even if it’s still lunchtime. The clock is made from pressed wood with a battery-powered mechanism.

Personalized Pet Bird Print

Imagine the expression on your giftee’s face when they open up a gift to find a portrait of their beloved bird looking so handsome. These personalized bird portraits are a unique gift that are created by professional designers using a supplied photo. A proof will be sent to you for approval before printing. They are available in several sizes and are printed on 175gsm fine art paper ready to be framed and hung where they will make any room pop (or tweet).

Dabbing Parrot T-Shirt

Who’s a pretty boy then? Clearly whoever is wearing this dabbing parrot t-shirt will be. With several fits and colors to choose from, this t-shirt makes a great bird gift for dad or anyone who loves parrots just as much as they love dabbing.

Crazy Parrot Lady Mug

This mug featuring an African Grey parrot is an excellent gift for parrot moms or anyone obsessed with the tropical bird. The mugs are created with a vivid vinyl wrap and available in 11oz or 15oz sizes. Whilst we love the ‘Crazy Parrot Lady’ design, the text can be changed to anything you like. This would be ideal as a housewarming gift.