16 Re-BARK-able Gift Ideas for New Puppy Owners

16 Re-BARK-able Gift Ideas for New Puppy Owners
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Do you have a friend who has just gotten a new puppy? Are you looking for gift ideas to show your appreciation for their newest family member and want to give them something they will not only love, but also need? Look no further. Here are some of the best gifts that any new dog owner needs!

This article will provide practical advice on what to buy as well as where and how those items can be purchased. It’s always better when someone else does all of the work!

Best Gifts for New Puppy Owners

The Art of Raising a Puppy

 The Monks of New Skete are trusted when it comes to advice for dog owners as they’ve been breeding and training dogs of all breeds for many years. The Art of Raising a Puppy is their second bestseller and provides over 350 pages of advice that will be invaluable to new puppy owners. The book comes as a hardback which makes it great for giving as a gift (and easy wrapping too!).

Puppy Teething Toys

Puppy Teething Toys are a great gift for new puppy owners. Puppies grow teeth so quickly that they can’t keep up with the growth! They need to chew on things like blankets and their own hands just to relieve some of the pressure, but it’s not always safe or easy for them to do this by themselves. These teething toys have been specially designed for puppies’ mouths and paws (and also won’t be ripped apart in five minutes!).

Personalized Dog Bowls

New pups are always hungry and thirsty, so a personalized dog bowl is the perfect way for them to feel extra special while they fill up. These custom ceramic dog bowls have a cute 3D bone with name engraved in a choice of different colors. If the new owners haven’t yet decided on a name for the new recruit, you could always use the family name.

Chew This Journal: Activity Book

The book contains over 100 activities and training plans for new dog owners such as paw painting and DIY treat puzzles. It also gives help for teaching new skills to dogs and dedicated sections for tracking progress and noting down memories as you go. The hardback book is over 200 pages and costs less than $15 so it’s a great buy and makes an ideal stocking filler or white elephant (Yankee swap) gift.

‘New to the Crew’ Bandana

This cute accessory is an essential gift for any new pup owner. A dog can’t always tell who his or her friends are in this big world so this bandana can help you keep watch over them. Made from 100% cotton, this ‘New to the Crew’ bandana is lightweight so they won’t notice it and is available in two sizes depending upon the breed.

Pawprint Keepsake Kit

The pawprint keepsake kits are a great way to preserve memories of the new family pet. The kit includes instructions on how to make an impression in clay and plaster, as well as easy-to-follow guidelines for making your own customized keepsake. It also comes with letters, numbers, and punctuation for making the gift very personal.

Did You Feed the Dog?

For first time puppy parents, getting into a routine of who feeds the pup each morning and evening can take a while so they will really appreciate this ‘Did You Feed the Dog?’ tracker with simple sliders. This low-tech solution can help prevent overfeeding and bring peace and quiet to the home at long last.

Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

This pet camera and treat dispenser is ideal for keeping an eye on new pups and ensuring they don’t terrorize the home whilst out and about. This is an ideal gift for a new puppy owner who has to work a full-time job in an office or away from home. Hook the device up to the WiFi for a live HD video feed and 2-way audio so you can shout some friendly commands to your pup (or some profanities if things get too bad!). It can also dispense treats remotely using the mobile app on your mobile phone.

Portable Puppy Water Dispenser

Think of new puppy owners who want their pups to stay hydrated while they are out and about. They struggle with carrying enough water in order for the pup to avoid becoming dehydrated, but now there’s a solution! Introducing the portable puppy water dispenser – simply fill up this adorable little bottle that clips onto your belt loop or backpack strap. When your pooch wants a sip, press the button and allow some water into the cup end without any spills/splashes from sloshing around an open container. You’ll be set wherever life takes you: hiking trails, dog parks, concerts…it goes where ever the adventure leads!

Doggy Treats Jar

When training a new pup, one essential item is the bribe jar, aka the treats jar. This Bone Appetite design is fun and has a premium look that makes it perfect for giving as a gift to new puppy owners. We recommend pairing it with some packs of puppy treats (see below) for the perfect set.

Puppy Training Treats

It’s never too early to start teaching a new pup the rules of the house with puppy training treats! These are an ideal (and very practical) welcome gift for a family that just adopted an adorable little bundle of fur, although you could argue they are a gift for the dog rather than the family.

You can find many different types, but always remember when you’re shopping around: not all treats are created equal. We recommend Zuke’s Puppy Naturals Training Dog Treats as a popular choice which are grain-free and gluten-free, but make sure you consider their new pups’ nutritional needs such as allergies or other sensitivities.

These treats are great when paired with the treats jar or the pet camera and treat dispenser shared earlier.

Personalized Wine Glass

This personalized wine glass is a great new dog mom gift so that they can fill up on some well-deserved wine after a day of cleaning up after the new pup. Add the puppy’s name for a thoughtful custom gift that doesn’t cost too much. The glass shown here is stemless which will be much appreciated in any home with a new puppy to reduce any chance of spillage, however, there are plenty of regular wine glasses to choose from if you’d rather a traditional style.

New Puppy Gift Basket

Rather than worrying about what to get a new puppy owner, why not opt for a pre-created gift basket that has all the essentials already chosen and neatly presented in a paw print box. The hamper includes treats, toys, and necessities such as training pads and waste bags. Maybe you can even pretend you put it together yourself, we won’t tell if you don’t!

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

You shouldn’t be walking your new puppy outdoors until at least 2 weeks after their final vaccinations (source), however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun with them indoors for the first 16-18 weeks. This Nerf tennis ball blaster is a great gift for dog owners of all breeds and can be especially fun for using with small puppies thanks to the small diameter tennis balls that come included.

Puppy Training Pads

If you want a really practical gift for new puppy owners that will come in useful, puppy training pads are a great choice. Puppy training pads are ideal when the pup is at the stage where they need to wee a lot. They work best when you place them in designated areas throughout your home, they have pheromone attractant so the pup knows where to go. Having the right supplies on hand can make clean up quick and easy and keeps the house smelling fresh.