11 Gift Ideas for Doggy Day Care Staff

11 Gift Ideas for Doggy Day Care Staff
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Gift-giving can be difficult, not least when it comes to doggy day care staff? They’re the backbone of your pup’s social life and are so much more than just a face. So here are some gift ideas for doggy day care staff to show you appreciate them and all they do.

Best Gift Ideas for Doggy Day Care Staff

‘There’s a Bunch of Dogs in Here’ Doormat

This doormat is both a funny gift that’s perfect for doggy day care but also very practical which they will appreciate. The mats are helpful in keeping dirt and mud out of their facility which so they can spend more time playing with your dog instead of cleaning up after their muddy paws. The mat is made from felt and rubber making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Personalized Thank You Bracelet

This paw print bracelet will make a thoughtful gift for the animal-loving people at your favorite doggy day care. You can personalize it with your pups name as a nice gift from your pup as the perfect token of appreciation for going above and beyond when looking after them, this makes a great leaving present but can also be given at Christmas. It comes neatly presented in a kraft fleck envelope ready to hand over.

Little Whippet, Big Heart Ornament

Forget the chocolates and fruitcake, this adorable wooden dog ornament is a great way to show your love to the local doggy day care! This little wippet ornament is handmade out of high-quality wood before being cut, sanded, and finished by hand. The small red heart really finishes this gift. It’s the perfect gift for dog lovers without dogs themselves since not all doggy day care staff have the pleasure of taking their work home with them.

Doggy Day Care Assistant/Director Mug

Doggy day care assistant might seem like a niche job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your mitts on a funny job-related mug. A good cup of coffee makes the world seem better, but it’s even better when it’s custom made especially for you. Shown here is the day care assistant mug but there’s also one for day care directors.

Hand Repair Gift Set

Any job that requires as much cleaning and hand washing as doggy day care is never going to be great for your skin. That’s why this hand repair gift set is a thoughtful gift idea for the assistants looking after your pup. This Burts Bees gift set includes almond milk hand cream, Shea buttercream, and lemon buttercream. It comes beautifully presented and includes a pair of cotton gloves too.

‘Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated’ Sign

If there was ever a sign that doggy day care staff could relate to it’s this one; Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated. The small wooden sign measures just 10″ wide and cost less than $20 making it a great white elephant (Yankee swap) gift idea or to say thank you before the holidays. It comes with bale twine pre-attached so it can easily be hung outside the day care for all to see.

I Let the Dogs Out T-Shirt

Who let the dogs out? We won’t have to wonder for much longer due to this novelty t-shirt that’s a great gift for dog walkers, doggy day care staff, or anyone else that helps you take care of the pups. The t-shirt is available on several different background colors but we think the design is best suited to this darker tee.

Doggy Treats Jar

Every job that involves looking after dogs needs a good place to stash all the bribes, a.k.a the treats! This jar has a fun ‘Bone Appetit’ design and is made from premium ceramic material making it an ideal present. Although this may end up being more of a gift for the dogs than the staff themselves.

Oh! Nuts® Chocolate Cookie Gift Basket

This one if a bit of a cop-out but you can never go wrong with chocolates as a gift for anyone in your life. If you don’t want to spend much, this Oh! Nuts® Chocolate Cookie Gift Basket looks super fancy without costing an arm and a leg, plus it’s easy for the staff to share around. Maybe you can even nab one for yourself when it’s time to pick your pet up.

Doggy Desk Calendar

The doggy desk calendar is a great gift for that can be put to good use at doggy day care. Staff can leave it on a desk or shelving unit to help them when taking bookings at a glance. It’s also a neat design with 2 number blocks for the dates and 3 month blocks to ensure every single day of the year is covered.

Cash or Gift Cards

The final gift idea for doggy day care is simply cold hard cash or a gift card. Day care workers are always going above and beyond to give their dogs a fun experience and put you at ease as an owner so a little holiday tip is always going to be appreciated. Cash is better as it can be put in a tip jar and split between all day care staff, but a gift card can be good if there are only a few members of staff you want to thank. Of course everyone loves cash, but to keep in line with the theme of gifts for dog lovers, these bespoke dog-themed gift wallets are a great way to present the cash.