31 Ultimutt Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers and Owners

31 Ultimutt Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers and Owners
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If you’re buying a gift for someone mad about dogs, then you’re barking up the right tree as every month we spend countless hours trawling through gift shops and share our favorite ideas here.

Whether you’re buying for a dog owner or just someone who’s crazy about pups, these gift ideas are so good, they won’t be able to keep their mutts off them. We’ve even got a whole section dedicated to the perfect present for man’s best friend themselves.

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers and Owners

A Dog’s Guide to Humans

This comical book will teach you everything you need to know about humans, as told by Bob the West Highland Terrier, and yes we’re absolutely certain he wrote the book himself. You’ll learn about the strange behaviours and manipulation techniques that are tried and tested on the human species. Take the quiz at the end and see if you’ve been trained well by your dog.

3D Ceramic Dog Mug

 This 3D dog mug is the perfect companion to your morning drink. Shown here is a Border Collie, but there are 14 different breeds available from Dalmatian to Pug. These collector mugs have been made from ceramic and finished by a professional painter.

Doggy Treats Jar

An essential item in any dog owner’s home is the bribe jar, aka the treats jar. This high-quality ceramic jar from Youngs Inc has a premium look that makes it great for giving as a gift. Simply fill it with dog treats for the complete package. We also featured this jar in our guide to gifts for doggy daycare staff but it could be used for anyone who helps look after your pups.

Dog Apron

This vibrant apron will bring a touch of colour to the kitchen of any dog lover. Featuring over 15 breeds of dog from terrier to Labrador, this apron can be used for cooking, cleaning, crafts, gardening or even grooming the dog. Whether you’re buying for your sister or your grandpa, the apron is fully adjustable to suit any adult and the high quality polyester fabric will ensure it lasts through plenty of use.

Bingo-Dog Sketchers

If you know someone who is both a dog lover and an avid sneaker enthusiast, these chic kicks are the perfect fit. With cutesy designs of cartoon dogs adorning their sides, they’ll be one cool pup in no time! Sketchers come in adult sizes 5-11 and with a super soft memory foam insole so their human paws won’t get sore.

Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

The futuristic pet gadget is perfect for busy parents with a live feed so you can see how your pup’s day is going without having to be home with them all of the time. You can also make sure they aren’t terrorizing your home and give them a stern reminder if they are misbehaving via the two-way audio. It also has a treat dispenser that makes it easy to reward good behavior in an instant from your cell phone or using motion detection.

The Complete Book of Dogs

This encyclopedia is the perfect present for someone who is barking mad about dogs. Whether your recipient is a dog owner, owner-to-be, or just loves learning about dogs, this huge book of 500+ pages will give them hours of satisfaction whilst being very educational too. The book contains details about 230 dog breeds, information about training and caring for dogs, dog sports, and over 1500 images of dogs. They will be barking mad by the end of it.

Ruff Night Women’s Pyjamas

For those crazy about dogs but also want to look cute while wearing pyjamas all day long (who doesn’t?), these ruff night dog-themed pyjamas are just the ticket. The 100% cotton PJs are roomy and super comfy, don’t be surprised if your recipient spends her days in these as well as nights.

All we need now is some human-themed pyjamas for dogs and life will be complete.

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster

Fetch just became a whole lot more fun with the Nerf tennis ball blaster. This toy will shoot tennis balls up to 50ft to keep your dog on his toes (or paws even). The included balls are small in diameter which makes them suitable for breeds of all sizes. This is also a fun gift idea for dog walkers who will appreciate the opportunity to rest their arms a little.

Doggy Oven Gloves

Here is an awesome gift that will look great in the kitchen of any dog lovers home. Featuring a fun illustrated design of a corgi, this set includes an oven mitt and pot holder with convenient anti-slip material that is heat resistant up to  482°F.

Here To Pet All The Dogs Tote

If you’re buying a gift for someone who just can’t pass a dog in the street without petting it, and let’s be honest, we all have someone like that in our lives. This tote bag is an ideal present for dog lovers without dogs and can ensure the owners get plenty of notice as they approach. If you really like the design but a tote bag isn’t suitable, it can be applied to a number of alternative gift items at checkout including face masks, mugs, and even hoodies or t-shirts.

Doggy Desk Calendar

This cute doggy-inspired calendar will add a vintage look to your desk without taking up too much space. The wooden stand comes with two date blocks and three month blocks that can be easily changed each day and reused year after year. This calendar also makes a great gift for your dog groomers as a thank you for going the extra mile to take care of your little pooch throughout the year.

Bark Box Subscription Box

The bark box subscription is a monthly dose of canine joy bundled into a box and delivered to your door. This is a thoughtful gift idea for dog owners although you might argue that it’s just as much a gift for dogs too. Included in each box are 2 dog toys, 2 bags of treats, and a brand new chew. There are three different size boxes depending upon the size of your dog, this ensures all the goodies are suitable for your pup.

Doggy Slippers

These dog shaped slippers are an adorable gift for your dog-mad loved ones to keep their feet nice and warm through the cold months. The material is soft with a thick layer of cushioning so they are super cozy to wear. There are several options to choose from, we really like the Golden Retriever design shown here, but you can also find Dachshund, Pug, and more breeds.

Funny Gifts for Dog Lovers

‘Every Meal You Make’ Spoof Tea Towel

This spoof tea towel has swapped out the classic lyrics to ‘The Police – Every Breath You Take’ for something a little more canine-minded that any dog lover will love. This funny gift is a great way to add some lightheartedness and humor into your everyday life. Its simple design will make you smile every time it’s used, while its functionality makes washing dishes easier than ever before!

Funny Quote Mug

This funny dog quote mug would make an adorable gift for a dog-loving colleague so that they can be reminded of their pup in a humorous way. With this on their desk, it’s sure to bring laughter into their mornings as they sip their daily coffee and will definitely be a talking point.

‘There’s a Bunch of Dogs in Here’ Doormat

This funny doormat is great for friends and family who have lots of dogs as a great way to greet guests and give them a smile whilst also warning them to prepare for lots of jumping and licking. The high-quality felt and rubber build makes the mat very durable so it’s perfect for wiping those muddy feet and paws after walkies too.

Dog Mother, Wine Lover Glass

Dogs and wine might not seem like the perfect pairing, but since when has that stopped anyone from enjoying a glass of wine whilst they relax with their pet pooch. This wine glass makes a highly relatable gift for women who love dogs and wine, plus anything that holds 23oz of alcohol is sure to go down well in most people’s books.

Dog Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle featuring a dog sat on the toilet will have you howling with laughter as you complete it. Every time you look at it, you’ll spot more funny things from the Canine Daily headlines to the doggy Airbnb picture on the wall. The full-color 750-piece jigsaw measures 24 x 18 inches when complete, if you manage to get that far.

Personalized Gifts for Dog Lovers

Personalized Dog Bowls

Dog bowls are an essential item in any pet owner’s home so why not treat them to some brand new personalized bowls like these ones from Etsy with a cute 3D bone and the dog’s name printed on the font. These small ceramic bowls are just over 6″ wide and hold around 2 cups of water so they would make great gifts for new puppy owners to welcome their newest addition.

Personalized Pet Portrait Blanket

This next personalized gift for dog owners is a custom blanket featuring your furry four-legged friend. Simply upload a photo of your dog at checkout and their artist will create a design and send it back to you for approval. The soft fleece blanket is available in two sizes (40×30″ or 40×60″) and your choice of several colors or a pattern in the background.

Personalized Dog Socks

Dogs are man’s best friend, and what better way to celebrate the bond with our canine companions than by getting their face on your feet. These custom socks with your dogs face make a hilarious little gift for dog moms or dads and is sure to baffle the dog the next time their sniffing around your feet.

Practical Gifts for Dog Owners

Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

A game of fetch just got easier with this automatic ball launcher. With an adjustable throw distance from 10-30ft, the device can be used indoors and outdoors and makes a great way to train the pups (or just tire them out if that’s your goal). It works with standard size tennis balls and comes with three included, ensure hours of fun.

Car Seat Belt for Dogs

With this pet seat belt from Just Pet Zone, the dogs can join the fun and come along for any road trip you have in mind. The heavy duty belts are made from nylon ensuring they are just as safe as humans, and they clip easily in to the standard seat belt buckle found on any car. These ones are adjustable so they will suit dogs of all sizes, and can even be used for other pets for a full family day out.

Portable Water Dispenser

This next practical gift idea for dog owners is a portable water dispenser so that you can keep your pups well hydrated whilst out and about. Typically you’d have to carry a water bottle and a water bowl, but this device is both of these combined. When your pup needs a drink, simply allow some water into the cup end for them to sip on. Any left over water can be put back into the bottle end. The bottle easily clips onto your bag so you’re ready for wherever life takes you, be that hiking trails, dog parks, concerts, or anywhere else.

Lick Mat

The lick mat is the dog owners gadget that you never knew you needed. Simply fill it with your pups favorite food such as peanut butter or yogurt, and attach it to the wall where it can provide the ultimate distraction. Whilst your pup is busy eating its heart out, you can easily groom or bath them without any stress.

Waterproof Car Seat Protector

If you’re buying a gift for dog owners that love to take their squad out and about for day trips, this back seat protector is a high practical gift idea that they’ll be very grateful for. The protector from Active Pets goes on your rear seats to provide a barrier to stop your dog roaming around the car whilst also keeping your seats nice and clean. The cover is made from cotton with a waterproof coating so that it’s easy to clean too.

Gifts Under $20

Dogs Phone Case

If you need a dog-themed gift that costs less than $20 then look no further than this happy dogs cell phone case. It features cute artwork of 12 different dogs loving life and will definitely bring out a smile. The case doesn’t just look great, it provides essential protection for your phone so that next time you drop it whilst bending down to pet a dog, it will be in ship-shape condition. The case is available for all iPhone and Samsung phone models.

LED Beanie Headlamp

As the winter draws in there are going to be some nights when it gets cold and dark whilst out walking the dogs. This LED beanie headlamp can help you on both accounts. the LED light can make sure the road ahead is lit up whilst the beanie will keep your ears nice and warm. This is also great for safety as oncoming vehicles will get sight of you earlier.

Did You Feed the Dog?

Who says practical gifts can’t cost less than $20? Certainly not us. This classic ‘Did You Feed the Dog?’ slider is perfect for busy households who might lose track of who’s turn it is to keep the pups fed each day. Simply pop this next to the food cupboard and slide the tabs once you’ve topped up their bowl.

Little Whippet, Big Heart Ornament

This cute whippet ornament has been 100% handcrafted from drawing, cutting, and sanding the wood to rubbing it with linseed oil for long-lasting protection and a lovely aroma too. The small sub-$20 ornament makes a great stocking filler or a wonderful keepsake for any dog lover.