11 Gifts for Cats to Make You Their No.1 Human

11 Gifts for Cats to Make You Their No.1 Human
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Our feline friends deserve great gifts too, right?! They might not appreciate designer brands , but they know a good scratch post when they see one and boy will they enjoy playing with the wrapping paper afterwards.

Whether it’s for Christmas, your cat’s birthday or just a treat for a well-behaved kitty, we’ve pulled together a list of epic gifts for cats, from the purely practical to the downright hiss-terical. Let’s jump into our cat-approved gift list.

Best Gifts for Cats

Here are the best gift ideas for cats:

Radiator Bed

If there was a radiator bed for humans I can assure you’d I’d be first in line so I imagine your cat will be just as chuffed with this gift. Made from a soft and luxurious faux fur, this radiator bed will have your furry friend snuggled up nice and warm throughout the winter months. This will hold pets up to 5kg and collapses for easy storage when not in use.

Robotic Mouse Toy

Whilst your cat might love a real mouse, it might not be great for wrapping so here’s the next best thing . Hours of fun awaits with this robotic mouse that zooms around the room on it’s own accord. With a furry body and a latex tail, this battery-powered toy will shoot off in random directions and occasionally stops still for a bit of suspense. This is a great gift for cat dads too as they can spend hours playing with their cat without lifting a finger.

DJ-Inspired Cat Scratcher

If your cat has always dreamed of headlining festivals, they can get some much-needed practice with this DJ-inspired cat scratcher. Made from cardboard, this toy easily assembles in no time at all and has a spinnable scratchpad on the turntable that will give them hours of fun and keeps them away from your beloved furniture.

Ultimate Cat Tree

If you really want to spoil your cat with a huge gift, look no further than this cat tree from Go Pet Club. It’s 62″ tall with three stories for them to lounge around on. It includes ladders, scratching posts, and hanging toys that will keep them entertained. It’s made from wood with a fur covering, all the tools needed to assemble are included.

Self-Warming Cat Blanket

This is the perfect gift for your lazy cat who loves to curl up on a blanket. The self-warming blanket is made from special insulating fibers that reflect your cat’s body heat to keep them nice and toasty and a soft quilted faux fur surface. It’s completely electricity-free so you can put it in the washing machine and is available in several different patterns.

Cat Backpack

Now your feline friend can come along for the ride with this backpack for carrying your cat, (or a cat-pack if you will). It’s just like a regular pet carrier but is designed to be more comfortable for your pet and more versatile for you. It’s completely breathable and has a semi-sphere window so your cat can get a good look around.

Cat Treat Dispenser

This is one of our most popular gifts for cat moms and cats alike so they can keep in touch all day long. It will keep them entertained and fed all day long, even when home alone. Hook up to the WiFi for 2 way audio, video, and the ability to dispense treats remotely from the app on your mobile phone. It has a full HD camera for great vision during the day and at night, as well as motion detection to alert you when your cat is nearby.