30 Puuurfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

30 Puuurfect Gifts for Cat Lovers
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We heard a rumour that cute cats keep the internet going so we thought we’d make our contribution in the only way we know how; a gift guide for cat lovers.

We’ve scoured every online store and every forum to find presents your cat-crazy friends and family will love, and we’ve put them in to this handy cat-alogue just for you.

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Here are the most popular gift ideas for cat lovers and enthusiasts, whether they own a cat or are just kitty-obsessed.

Cat-Themed Coloring Book for Adults

This cat-themed coloring book is ideal for someone creative who loves cats. Designed for adults, the book has over 60 pages of drawings to color in, with perforated edges for easy removal so that the masterpieces can be pinned up on the fridge for all to enjoy.

Cat Design Ceramic Plant Pot

It seems that everyone is growing succulents these days and if your cat-crazy friends are too, then here is the perfect gift. This well crafted and super cute cat design planter is perfect for succulent, cactus and small flowers. It’s made with a premium ceramic material that will look great on a window, desk or cabinet in any room of the home. It also has other uses such as a candy bowl, ash tray or for storing bits and bobs.

Cat Shower Curtain

If this isn’t the funniest shower curtain you’ve ever seen then I’ll eat my hat. Made from durable polyester and with a high quality print finish, this funny feline shower curtain will give you a good laugh with every shower. The curtain is 180x180cm and comes with hooks included. Now the cat-mania can make it all the way through the house, bathroom included.

Cat Sticky Notes

A set of 30 of the cutest post-it style sticky notes that can be used for memos, book markers or reminders. There are 5 designs to choode from, each measuring  4.8cm x 1.5cm. Make sure you check out the rest of their stationery too as you only pay shipping on the first item.

Hand Crafted Wine Holder

Whether you’re buying a gift for a cat mom or just someone very enthusiastic about cats, this cute hand-crafted wine holder is a great indoor decoration suitable as a table piece or displaying in a cabinet. And the best part… it hold a bottle of wine. If you know someone that loves cats just as much as they love wine then it looks like your search for a gift is over.

Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you’re buying for someone with a sense of humor, these next few funny gift ideas will have your recipient in hiss-terics.

Adorable Women’s Cat Paw Socks

Take one step closer to your dream of becoming a real-life cat woman with these adorable socks that will turn your regular human feet into the cat paws you always wanted. Choose from a variety of patterns, including Tabby, Grey Striped, Calico, and Russian Blue print. These aren’t cheap printed socks, they are a high-quality woven cotton design that will last, available in various sizes to suit your recipient.

The Best Cat Memes Ever

Cat memes have taken over our electronic devices and now they are venturing in to the paper world too. This paperback book features 98 pages of hilarious and relatable life moments as told by cats. Just what every cat enthusiast needs to cheer up their day.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

If you’re into kittens, explosions, laser beams and goats (niche audience?) then this is the board game for you. Originating as a Kickstarter, it’s gone on to be a best seller. In this family-friendly card game for 2-5 players, you must draw cards until someone gets an exploding kitten card, but there’s plenty of twists along the way. Also available is a 10 player version and an explicit version for adults.

‘Signs That You Are Secretly a Cat’ Mug

A hand drawn ceramic mug with six signs that you are secretly a cat, perfect for cat lovers everywhere. Number 6 = you want to nap 24/7, well that’s made things clearer then!

Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you’re looking to go that extra mile to please your recipient, these luxury gift ideas for cat lovers have a little more elegance and will show that you’ve put some thought in.

Whiskey River Candle for Cat People

Whiskey River are known for their premium hand crafted candles with no two being identical. One item in their range that stands out is their candle for cat people. With a scent of warm milk and a stylish design, this candle will burn for over 60 hours giving beautiful smells throughout the house (much nicer than the smells of real cats!).

Cat Statue

This polyresin cat statue from Comfy Hour will take pride of place in the home of any cat enthusiast. At 9″ tall, the statue is ideal for putting on the mantlepiece, your desk, or even your front doorstep so that visitors (human and feline) know this is a cat-loving home.

Gifts for Cat Moms and Dads

If you’re buying for someone who actually owns a cat, you might want to consider getting them something practical that they can up to good use, here are some recommendations:

Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Keep an eye on your cats and other pets whilst you’re away from the home with this latest tech innovation. Hook up to the WiFi for 2 way audio, video and the ability to dispense treats remotely from the app on your mobile phone. It has a full HD camera for great vision during the day and at night, as well as motion detection to alert you when your cat is nearby.

Pet Backpack for Cats

This is a gift for the cat just as much as a gift for its owner. Now your feline friend can come along for the ride with this backpack for carrying your cat, (or a cat-pack if you will). It’s just like a regular pet carrier but is designed to be more comfortable for your pet and more versatile for you. It’s completely breathable and has a semi-sphere window so your cat can get a good look around.

Turntable & DJ Mixer Cat Scratcher

Your cat can finally have that career change they’d always fancied with this DJ-inspired turntable and mixer cat scratch. As well as looking awesome, this will prevent your cat from tearing up your clothes, rugs, and furniture by giving them something to scratch. This gift comes flat pack and folds together super easily. It won’t just be the cat enjoying this one, it’s a great gift for cat dads too who are sure to get every photo opportunity imaginable.