21 #FFFFFFantastic Gifts for Graphic Designers


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We’ve pulled together this list of epic gifts for the graphic designer in your life. After digging into the deepest corners of the internet, we’ve compiled the funniest and most practical gift ideas suitable for all occasions, from birthdays to Christmas and any other times new roman.

If you’re not down with graphic design jokes yourself then you’ll have to trust us that these are hil-arial-ous. Oh and by the way, the design related puns are just going to keep on coming. Now that we’ve set the Pantone, let’s jump into the list.

Illustrator Logo Throw Pillow

Illustrator Pillow

This has to be one of the geekiest products we’ve shared to date and we absolutely couldn’t want it any more. This unofficial pillow features the Illustrator logo which is used by most designers in some form or another. The best part is, you can also get Photoshop and InDesign for an adobe-dorable little set.

Set of Pantone Notebooks


Ten notebooks in Pantone’s iconic colour chip design. Some are grid dot and some are lined pages which are ideal for doodling and note taking. This would be ideal for a graphic design colleague and if one thing it for sure, it will brighten up any desk.

Bespoke Caricature of a Designer

Computer geek simpsons caricature

Get a custom caricature in a fun cartoon style we all recognise but can’t mention for copyright reasons. This Etsy artist will use photos of your recipient to craft a lifelike illustration that will be supplied as a digital file. You can then print it as a t-shirt, mug, wall art or even a duvet. Couples or group illustrations also available. We recommend Snapfish or Vistaprint for reliable printing.

Oh Crop! T-Shirt

Oh crop tshirt

The crop tool is a designers best companion so it’s only right that they have it front and centre on a t-shirt. The t-shirt featured is a 100% cotton slim fit design that’s suitable for both men and women, however other fits are available including classic, v-neck and fitted or scoop neck for women. There are also 17 colour choices available so you can create the perfect gift, but we think it looks great in black.

‘Fun To Stay At The CMYK’ Mug

fun to stay at the cmyk mug

Young man, there’s no need to feel down, especially once this humorous mug is in your possession. Printed on a standard size dishwasher and microwave safe mug, this joke will give any graphic designer, illustrator or publisher a chuckle, perfect as a new job gift or a friendly thank you gesture.

Precision Craft Knife Set


If you’re looking for a practical gift under $20, then look no further than this precision knife set. Anyone working in a creative role should have a knife for cutting and crafting their masterpieces, and this one is just the ticket at a bargain price. It includes 3 handles and 13 different blades all in a handy case for safe keeping.

Realistic Camera Lens Mug


This ingenious mug will leave people baffled as you gently sip your coffee from a realistic looking Canon or Nikon camera lens. The mug is plastic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside which will hold 350ml of your favourite hot drink. It even comes with a lid to complete the look when not in use.

Lorem Ipsum…. Laptop Sleeve

lorem ipsum laptop wallet

If you’re not from the graphic design world, you’re probably wondering what a Latin laptop sleeve is doing here. Well, ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet….’ is from an old philosophical book, but is now used as dummy text by designers to show where content will sit, most could probably recite the first few lines in their sleep, it’s a great in-joke. This design is also available as a phone case, mug and tote bag at the below link.

Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser and Desk Tidy


This fun, yet practical gift will allow the recipient to eject any boring accessories and add some nostalgia to their desk. Authentically shaped like an audio tape cassette from yesteryear, this organiser will hold up to 30 pens or pencils, paper clips, pins, elastic bands and a roll of sticky tape.

Moleskine Classic A4 Dotted Notebook


This A4 Moleskin notebook is a premium gift that’s also very practical for any creative. It’s a Myrtle Green hardback notebook with 192 pages of Ivory-coloured dotted paper that will allow them to look professional in any meetings with colleagues or clients whilst still being useful for illustrations and notes.

Pantone Design T-Shirt

Pantone tshirt

A colourful unisex t-shirt for any graphic designer, ideal as a birthday or Christmas present. It features over 40 different colours straight from a Pantone book that’s used by designers on a daily basis, arranged in a stylish pattern making it a perfect way to set the tone. Also comes in a variety of fits including slim, fitted and long.

Craft Self-Healing Cutting Mat


Graphic designers can work in a huge range of workplaces from architects to agencies, but regardless of where they work, a cutting mat is the unsung hero protecting their work space. If you’re buying one, make sure it’s self healing and ideally A2, although A3 is usually sufficient. Try not to roll it up when you wrap it as they can get damaged this way.

Magnetic Paper Clip Sheep


This is Sheepi, the perfect organisation partner for anyone with a messy desk. With a magnetic belly, Sheepi can hold paperclips, pins or any other metal stationery, all whilst looking baaa-rilliant. It even comes with 30 paperclips so you can get going on Sheepi’s first fur coat, finally organisation can be fun. Perfect for birthdays, new jobs or to say Fleece Navidad (we couldn’t help ourselves).

Pun-tastic Graphic Design Pencil Set

Graphic design pencils

This pencil set has been created especially for graphic designers and will definitely add a smile to their face. Each of the 5 matt black HB pencils have been hand-foiled with a funny designer pun, including ‘I shot the serif’, ‘Crop it like it’s hot’ and ‘Always be bold’. There’s an optional pencil pouch for an additional cost. These are only made in the UK so allow up to 10 working days for international delivery.

The History of Graphic Design, Vol 1+2


The History of Graphic Design is a chronological overview of how designs have evolved and shaped the world, with year-by-year analysis of key industry events in a beautifully presented hardback book. This is such a comprehensive review that it’s split in to two editions, each with almost 500 pages. Volume 1 showcases 1890-1959 whilst volume two completes 1960 until today.

Football Team Wall Print

liverpool pantone

Not all graphic designers hibernate behind their computers, for those that enjoy sports, this wall print will combine their two loves in a creative way. The Etsy seller has most premier league teams, with two sizes available and they come with the frame included for a ready-to-hang gift.

Book of Ideas: A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design


Book of Ideas is the ramblings of a creative director with advice and inspiration from his career in the creative industry, everything from inbox control to job satisfaction. Published in 2016, it now features in Amazon’s most-gifted graphic design books and is a favourite among design students, freelancers, art directors and graphic designers.

Wordart Mug

Wordart Mug

Word art will always hold a special place in the hearts of anyone born before the year 2000, but now it can hold a special place on their desk too with this throwback mug any graphic designer will love. The ceramic dishwasher safe mug is made in the UK and available as both a regular 11oz tea mug or a 12oz latte mug.