Gifts for Cats So You’ll Be Their No.1 Human


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Our feline friends deserve great gifts too, right?! They might not appreciate the efforts we take to come up with great cat puns, but they know a good scratch post when they see one and boy will they enjoy playing with the wrapping paper afterwards.

Whether it’s for Christmas, your cats birthday or just a treat for a well behaved kitty, we’ve pulled together a list of epic gifts for cats, from the purely practical to the downright hiss-terical. Let’s jump in to our cat-approved gift list.

Cardboard Cat Tank

cat tank

If your cat could ask for a present then cardboard boxes are going to be pretty high up the list, so what could be better than this cardboard box tank, complete with rotating turret. This Cat Tank is super easy to put together and will result in hours of fun.

From: $25

Cat Toy Gift Box from The Natural Pet Company


Endless hours of fun awaits with this entire set of seven cat toys that look like mice and birds so your furry little pal can get some practice ready for the real deal. As you’d expect being from The Natural Pet Company, each toy is crafted from natural wood, feathers and elastic, all at an affordable price.

From: $20
* latest 24hr price

Window Perch


Your cat can watch the world go by from the comfort of their own window perch, the purrrfect place for them to soak up the summer sun. This latest Petlsay design is extra strong to hold cats up to 27kg or for a number of smaller cats. It’s held to the window by a specially designed extra large 9cm suction cup.

* latest 24hr price

Pet Backpack for Cats


Now your feline friend can come along for the ride with this backpack for carrying your cat, (or a cat-pack if you will). It’s just like a regular pet carrier but is designed to be more comfortable for your pet and more versatile for you. It’s completely breathable and has a semi-sphere window so your cat can get a good look around.

From: $33
* latest 24hr price

Set of Large Pet Blankets


This set of three fleece blankets is ideal for covering cols surfaces or for protecting your furniture from pet hair or damage. The soft blankets are ideal for all household pets and come in three paw print designs that will suit any decor.

From: $16
* latest 24hr price

Turntable & DJ Mixer Cat Scratcher


Your cat can finally have that career change they’d always fancied with this DJ inspired turntable and mixer cat scratch. As well as looking awesome, this will prevent your cat from tearing up your clothes, rugs and furniture by giving them something to scratch. This gift comes flat pack and folds together super easily.

From: $19
* latest 24hr price

Cat Harness for Walking


Your indoor cats and kittens can now venture to the outside world with this cat harness. Take them on a walk with this escape-proof harness that’s soft and comfortable for them to wear. Comes with a lead so you can take your feline friend on walks, hikes, runs and other outdoor activities whilst being completely safe.

From: $19
* latest 24hr price

Radiator Bed for Cats


If there was a radiator bed for humans I can assure you’d I’d be first in line so I imagine your cat will be just as chuffed with this gift. Made from a soft and luxurious faux fur, this radiator bed will have your furry friend snuggled up nice and warm throughout the winter months. This wil hold pets up to 5kg and collapses for easy storage when not in use.

From: $19
* latest 24hr price